Event Hold Policy
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Event Hold Policy

Described below are the rules and regulations of any individual / organization requesting a hold is obligated to observe. It is the responsibility of the party requesting the hold date to read and implement the items as outlined below. Please sign and return for a hold to be executed.


1. A hold may be requested for a certain date if the date is available.

2. If a hold is granted, it will only be valid for a maximum of 60 days unless a longer period is approved in writing by the Expo Square President / CEO. Prior to the expiration of the hold period set forth below; it is the responsibility of the party who requested the hold to contact Expo Square and enter into a contract or the hold will be released.

3. A hold is only a reservation. At no time does a hold obligate either Expo Square or the party who placed the hold. A hold may be cancelled by either party at any time, for any reason, prior to a contract being executed.

4. At Expo Square’s discretion, party may be required to complete an application for facilities contract.

5. Until a contract is signed by both parties, NO Promotions of the scheduled event or soliciting of exhibitors is permitted by the prospective lessee. Violation of this rule may jeopardize the issuing of a contract and/or the hold will be released. Any expenditure or other arrangements made prior to signing a contract with Expo Square is at the risk of the party making such expenditures.

6. IMPORTANT: Until a contract is signed by the Expo Square President/CEO, Expo Square reserves the absolute right to cancel or change hold dates at its discretion. Expo Square reserves the right to refuse to rent the facilities to anyone for any lawful reasons it may deem appropriate.

7. Prospective lessees will be permitted no more than 4 holds at one time, per calendar year.

8. No more than 4 similar events can be contracted by one party, per calendar year.

9. No one employed by Expo Square is authorized to verbally alter or amend this policy in any manner. Only written modifications can be m

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Event Hold Policy

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