Insurance Requirements
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Insurance Requirements

  1. Lessee shall deliver to Lessor at Lessee’s expense a certificate of Public Liability Insurance form, protecting Lessor against loss, cost, claim or expense on account of injury to person or property occurring in or about the leased premises during or incident to the use thereof by Lessee or its exhibitors, and covering any damage to personal property or real estate of Lessor or others caused by Lessee, its agents or employees.
  2. Insurance amount to be minimum of $1 million Combined Single Limit (bodily injury and property damage), unless stated otherwise on Facility Agreement.
  3. Insurance to cover the time period that contract grants use of facility, including move-in, event and move-out days. Livestock events that allow animals to arrive early or stay after stated contract times must have insurance coverage for additional time.
  4. The certificate of insurance, naming Lesse as insured, must state the contract name as well as the event name or the certificate will not be valid.
  5. Certificate of Liability Insurance must have the following required statement: Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority is named as additional insured.
  6. Certificate of Liability Insurance must provide that, should the event policy be canceled before the expiration date on the certificate, the issuing company is to notify Expo Square.
  7. A copy of the certificate as above must be delivered to the Expo Square Events Department no later than three weeks prior to Lessee’s event. Please notify Amanda Blair if you develop problems in acquiring a policy within the required time frame. No event move-in will be allowed until a copy of the certificate of insurance is on file at Expo Square.
  8. Certificate of Liability Insurance with a “pending” policy number will not be accepted.

Certificate of insurance should be mailed to:
Expo Square
Marketing Department
4145 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114

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